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The development of the Master & Strategic Plan is a collaborative process that drives key decision-making for the college over a seven-year period. From the beginning, the planning process incorporates stakeholder input to develop a plan that adequately reflects the pressing needs of the college’s dynamic service area. This concerted approach

allows the college to serve more students, build stronger partnerships, and make more of a lasting impact on the communities served.


Stakeholders involved throughout the planning process include students, employees, the college’s Academic Governance Strategic (AGS) Planning Council, industry experts, community leaders, and elected officials. Through combined stakeholder input and a variety of extensive market studies, college leadership developed a comprehensive plan that represents the college’s vibrant and fast-growing community, while incorporating key elements to ensure relevance and competitiveness as a higher education institution. 


Known as Destination 2030, the Master Plan is a comprehensive outlook for all college facilities and programming, and the accompanying Strategic Goals focus on objectives and stretch goals for future initiatives. Both plans work together to deliver a seven-year roadmap for the college.  


In August 2023, the Collin College Board of Trustees adopted a 2023-2030 Master & Strategic Plan, as follows:

Master Plan and Strategic Goals

Master Plan

  1. Ensure maximum utilization of college facilities, programs, and resources.
  2. Expand college programs and facilities to accommodate growth and employment needs throughout the service area.
  3. Enhance the college’s university partnerships through the development of comprehensive pathways that enrich the student experience and support student completion with a focus on Collin College students.
  4. Implement planned and new components of the college’s comprehensive safety and emergency management plan.
  5. Streamline the college’s programs and systems by implementing efficient business processes that improve outcomes for students and employees.

Strategic Goals

  1. Realign student completion and performance metrics to meet or exceed state and regional accreditation thresholds and goals.
  2. Develop and implement strategies to become a national exemplar in program and student outcomes.
  3. Create and implement comprehensive pathways to enrich the student experience and support student completions.
  4. Implement strategies to be recognized as an employer of choice to attract and retain top talent.
  5. Expand educational access through a systemic approach with external partners and stakeholders.
  6. Expand baccalaureate degree options.
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